The Idea

Create a dance style that helps establish Ballroom and Latin dancing as Olympic sports. Blend International Standard, American Smooth, and Theatre Arts in back-to-back Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep dances to generate excitement in artistic athleticism. We hope adept dancers from all divisions put together some really fantastic combinations and Pentathlon Ballroom and Pentathlon Latin become regular new dance competitions.


Fusion Ballroom demonstrates athleticism (strength, endurance) through versatility in the fusion of International Standard, International Smooth and Theatre Arts. Fusion Latin combines International Latin dances and Theatre Arts as does Line figures with picture lines and modern dance shaping can also incorporated.

Event Formats

Events can range from single couple performances to detailed numberical scoring of competitors. Competitor formats can be single couple performances each numberically scored with the highest score winning or more traditional ballroom competitions with multiple couples on the floor.

Sample Scoring


Like many Olympic sports, fuson Ballroom/latin can be evaluated mostly quantitatively based on the blend of steps and figures from the different syllabi and theatre arts moves. The best dances from an evaluation perspective are an even mix of styles. Formal Standard, Smooth, and latin scoring involves adding points for figures based on their difficulty as determined by the syllabus.  Theatre arts lifts, nominally, score higher the higher the lady is lifted off the ground.

Like gymnastics and other sports, deductions are applied for figures that are not perfect. There are also subjective judgements on style, flow, choreography. Unlike traditional ballroom competitions where the winner is chosen based on placements in the individual dances (using the Skater’s Algorithm), the scores are added like in the gymnastics all-around competitions.